Monday, January 23, 2012

How long will we "sleep"?

I'm getting more and more concerned about the direction our world and country seem to be going...Casting Crowns song "While You Were Sleeping" really says alot (if you haven't heard it, I found it here on youtube- One of the lyrics, really puts it like it is and drives home how messed up our world really is...
"United States of America
Looks like another silent night
As we're sung to sleep by philosophies
That save the trees and kill the children"

WOW! We have people fighting tooth and nail to save the trees and animals and yet, they don't stop to think about how many poor little babies have been killed by abortion!!! I've always loved babies and children, but now as a mother; I have been amazed everyday since I first heard my little Pumpkin's heart beat at how intricately these LITTLE PEOPLE have been created by God. I heard his heartbeat around 2 months and it was seriously the most amazing sound I had EVER heard! Then when I had my ultrasound, I could have laid there and watched him moving and being "him" all day! I've heard talk about a law that would require all women considering an abortion, to have an ultrasound before they can have an abortion! I so hope that this could ANYONE have an abortion after seeing their little baby like that???

Anyway, there are a whole myriad of things and topics that could be put on the "concerning" list...but abortion has really been laying heavy on my heart lately. About a year ago, we had a friend that announced they were expecting after trying for around a year and just a couple weeks ago, some friends of ours, lost their baby after just announcing they were expecting (this was for sure their second miscarriage) and my SIL had a still born baby last summer. There are so many couples just wanting to have a family and it's not something that just falls in their laps, while there a hundreds of thousands of babies being senselessly killed (or a more accurate word, Murdered) out of "convenience". It just amazes me, how some people will try and try and try to have a baby and others, who maybe weren't, after all "trying" to have a baby, will just say "oops! I didn't want that to happen! Oh, well we can take care of that!" and just have an abortion! When did the line get so fuzzy to some people, on whether or not this was wrong? When did people get so hardened to killing? When did people let their selfish desires drive them to such wrong? (I guess things like this happened in the Bible too, but it's just so much more prevalant and "accepted" today).

So, I feel like we need to make our voices heard more often. Not that I do a very good job of that, but that's one reason for starting this least I can get my voice "out there"....whether anyone will read it or not, I don't know, but at least I've tried something.

What are you're thoughts? How can we make our voices heard and make a difference for the better?

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