Monday, February 27, 2012

I AM Blessed!

Ok, so honestly I haven't known what I want to write about today, so I was sitting here thinking about how blessed I am and thought why not share that? Don't we all need a reminder sometimes of what all we really do have to be thankful for? I consider myself a pretty content person, but there are times that something starts to get me down and I think well, why isn't this happening how I think it should??? Then is when I have to look around and see how blessed I am with some great things and even the small things. So here it goes!

1. I am blessed with a God who knows the road map of my life and knows what is best even when I don't understand.
2. I am married to my best friend and he becomes a better friend all the time.
3. I have the best little boy in the world! (did I think that at the exact moment that he was throwing a temper tantrum last night? well no, but I know it's still true!)
4. We have great family and friends, who are there for us and help make our life more fun.
5. We have a great church family, where we can learn and discuss God's Word.
6. We have a nice house, it might not be the newest or biggest, but it's just what we need.
7. We have food to fill our stomachs. We can always open our fridge, freezer, or cupboard and see something there.
8. We have clothes to keep us covered and warm. We have a closet full, PLUS a dresser full.
9. We have vehicles to get us where we want to go. They also may not be the newest, but they get us where we want to go.
10. My husband has a job and I am able to be a stay at home mommy!

So those are obviously basic, but sometimes I think those are the best blessings to focus on. Perhaps I'll have to start blogging more regularly about "blessings" and include some not so basic ones.

What are some of your blessings? I'd love to have you leave a comment about them!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Child's apron made from a bandanna

So I found this cute idea on pinterest the other day, and whipped it up in no time the other afternoon.

I had a couple bandannas that I never wear or use, so thought I could spare one to make Pumpkin an apron. I thought he needed one since I'm hoping to make myself one in the near future! Anyway, it was a super cute idea and I had everything I needed on hand...I LOVE those kind of projects!

So here is what I started out with. It shows the marks for where I cut off the top corner, which then became the pocket.

Then I did a little sewing here and a little sewing there and TA-DAH! Here is the finished project, worn by the ever oh-so-cute Pumpkin!!

Yes, we have to have the blankie and binkie at ALL times, when we're at home.

So there you have it! A quick, easy project that is super cute!! Seriously, this took me like half an hour....SUPER EASY! And the best part was that I saved some money, by making an apron out of something that I already had and didn't use anymore! SCORE and SCORE! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

God's Blessings-Children

Well, there has been a WONDERFUL series on Family Life Today on our local Christian radio station, the past couple of days and I guess that is what is getting me on my "children" kick. If you'd like to listen to today's show the link is here:

They sort of touched on the subject of how we as Christians have bought into the belief that children are a mess. We see the parents of the crazy kids in the mall, that are just at their witts end and we think that's what it is all about. In churches, we tend to not stress how wonderful it is to be a parent. We talk about how the Bible tells us to be "fruitful and multiply" and that "children are a blessing from the Lord", but we don't stress how truly beautiful and rewarding it is to be a parent. We are essentially putting our "footprint" on generations to come with every child we raise. What we teach our children will likely be passed on to their children and their children's children and on and on.

Often times the focus is on the little ones bad behaviors and a pretty ugly picture of being a parent gets painted. How many times have you heard a frazzeled parent, griping about how their child did this or that and that they just don't know how to control them?!? (pretty sure this stems from lack of discipline) How many times do we hear about the good, lovable, sweet things children do? Oh, yeah we hear the random story here and there, but we need to start STRESSING how wonderful children really are. It's no wonder that many couples (even those that are in the church) don't have a desire to start their family very quickly after marriage.

There are honestly many, many times that I wonder what in the world would I do if I didn't have Pumpkin? He makes me smile and laugh more times than I can count in a day (yes, of course he has me ready to pull my hair out at times to) and he teaches me to enjoy the small things in life. He gets SO excited over something as simple as meeting a semi truck on the road. (perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Daddy drives one, but I have yet to get a huge smile on my face and wave and say "bye bye truck" EVERY time we meet a truck on the way to town) Those little people can teach us SO MUCH. We went out to eat last night and after we ordered our food Pumpkin looks up at me and says "Pray!" He wanted to pray before we ate and honestly this is something I'm TERRIBLE about thinking to do when we are out eating in a restaurant. Here we were and our 2 year old is teaching us that it doesn't matter that we're not at our table in our house, we can pray before our meal no matter where we are. :)

See they truly are a blessing!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Should We Have a Baby?

Heard this on a local Christian radio station today. It is so, so good! Every young couple should hear this! We have many friends, who have dealt with this and other friends who I'm afraid my deal with this in the future, if they don't think about it. Take a seat and tune in, then check back tomorrow, because their gonna have more! Enjoy!

Where I've Been-Schooling

I've decided to add a "Where I've Been" tab to my blog. This will be a place where I will tell about my life growing up, my schooling, different experiences I've had, etc. It will probably include some random "current" things about me and my family also, from time to time.

So today I'm going to start out telling you about my schooling. I'm from a very, very rural area. When I was about to start school, the local school (which was 28 miles away) was rumored to be close to closing down due to declining enrollment. My parents started thinking that they would probably homeschool me if the school closed, so as to not be put into a position of deciding what to do should that happen, they decided to homeschool me from day 1. I never knew any different, so homeschooling was never something I thought to be weird. We were part of a homeschool group that had activities once a month and for middle and high school ages, had a basketball team. Once I got to 5th grade, I started playing on the team. From then on, it became very clear that there were indeed plenty of "weird" homeschoolers. *Confession* my friends and I often made fun of them, because they really were that weird!* Anyway, I never felt as if I was missing out on anything and had plenty of good friends to keep me happy and busy. Basketball was an every or every other weekend deal from late October to March, so that helped the school year go by a little quicker.

During my freshman year of high school, a group of my homeschool friends, started going to the local public school (oddly enough the same one that was rumored to be on the verge of closing when I started school) once a week to do some classes. Some of the parents felt that they needed help teaching some of the high school classes and wanted to have a teacher available for help, even if just once a week. It was a good experience, we were able to hang out with our friends more and were able to get a glimse into public school life. At the end of my junior year of high school, I was getting burned out on school. My parents had chosen a tough curriculum and after 11 years of doing it all, I just felt overwhelmed. They decided that I could go to the same public school, if I chose to. So I went to public school for my last year of school. It was fun, I was able to be part of clubs, I was a cheerleader, I had all the senior year dances and activities that all public school kids do. I did enjoy public school, but felt I didn't learn a thing. For years and years, all I had known was going beyond and above with my school work in order to keep up with my work and keep my grades up. Then all of the sudden, it was almost optional to do your work. We had certain things we had to do and have done by a certain time, but it was not at all hard to keep up with it and actually it was EASY. I realize that not all public schools are like this, but this has made me start thinking what I want to do when our little Pumpkin is getting ready to start school.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Overworked Housewives or just Perceived to be?

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been reading the book, Passionate Housewives Desperate for God. It is a really good book and I must say thank you to Esther at Our Simple Country Life (link located on the left hand side of my blog) for having a great give away and giving me the chance to win it! Anyway, this book has had many good points and perspectives. It has pointed out that we has housewives often feel overwhelmed with what we have to do, but this it looks back at the many pioneer women who raised 10 children, made ALL their food/supplies from scratch, scrubbed their clothes on washboards to get them clean, and kept dirt floors clean. WOW! We have it really hard huh? When we've had a long day, we have the option to through something in the microwave and have a meal in  minutes. We just throw our clothes into a machine and it does the work for us, we don't even HAVE to hang them up if we don't want to; there is even a great invention that drys them for us too! I don't even know what I'd do with a dirt floor!!!! And I have a vacuum to keep my house clean! We so often get this thought process going of how hard we have it, how many things we have to do, but really we have it so easy compared to so many people before us. And truthfully our world is more messed up now, with selfish children who grow up thinking that don't have to work for anything and that life should just "give" them everything that they want. I must admit that I don't get overwhelmed too often, but I do only have ONE child at this point, so I can see where it would get more overwhelming with more little people to look after. But when I do feel like there is no end in sight for those dishes or laundry, what am I thinking??? So many women did REAL work to get those things done all while doing WAY more than I EVER think of doing in a day! God has blessed us with so many things to help make our lives easier and all we can do is STILL find ways to complain about our "jobs". Let's try to be thankful for the EASY way we have to do all this things rather than focus on all the tasks we have to complete. Something tells me, this will make our outlook on things a whole lot brighter!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Train up a child

I've been reading the book, Passionate Housewives, Desparate for God, lately and is has many good points. One thing that stood out to me, was a part where the writer was saying that she was in the hospital after having her 4th child and they would not let  her leave with her newborn, until she had a (she points out, young) nurse aid show her how to change the baby's diaper and clean it. This was after she had already had 3 other children!! She goes on to point out that while she was aggrevated that she had to do this, she realized that today there are so many women who are not prepared to do the everyday things housewives and mothers do.

This really stuck with me, because I had the same kind of thing happen to me, when I had my son. (granted, this was my first child, but I still at least knew the common sense things about taking care of a baby) We had to watch videos about how to calm and soothe a baby before we were able to go home with our son. But never did it occur to me, that there truly are women out there that wouldn't have a single clue what to do. We do live in a world where many children grow up in a home with only one parent, resulting in not having the same "learning" moments I grew up with. Or they grow up in a home where both parents are working and they just don't get to see what a stay at home mom does and even if there is a baby in the family, they don't see what their mother does with the baby because the baby goes to daycare while mommy is at work and in the evenings the older child may have other activities so that they are not home when mommy is with baby. There are so many reasons why children are not taught the same basic, everyday things that have been taught and passed down from mothers to daughters for generations.

It used to be common place for young girls to go stay with neighbors to help out with children and household responisibilites, if they weren't needed to help with those tasks at home. Today many parents don't think that their children need to be a part of such tasks. They say that children need time to be kids because they will be adults to soon anyway. But, I must ask, where do they learn to be adults? If their not being taught how to do adult tasks or even how to conduct themselves in an adult like manner, where will they ever learn?

My two year old LOVES to help. For example, he likes to help empty the dishwasher. He especially likes to take the silverware out. I've started letting him take the silverware out and take it to the drawer where they belong. He's not tall enough yet to see into the drawer, so he just walks over to it and drops whatever piece of silverware he has in his hand into the drawer. Yes, this means that I will have to go sort through them all later and put them in the slots that they belong in, but isn't it a good idea to let him do this on his own? And to let him learn that when we empty the dishwasher, there is a certain place that the dishes go? (of course when he's older and bigger, he'll need to learn that they each have specific spots, but we're taking it slow) He also LOVES to put his dirty clothes in the hamper. I've had him do this since he was able to and now it's like second nature to him. To me, it seems that if we just incorporate simple things into everyday life from the time our children are small, that they will quickly and easily learn the everyday tasks of living.

This of course spills over into spiritual things, we need to daily set an example of a life that God is glorified by. We need to be sure that we teach our children the basics of Godly living and salvation from a young age. If they don't see if from us, where will they see it? As parents, we are the biggest influence on our children and we need to be sure it's an influence that God would be proud of. I think this verse sort of sums it up, "Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it" Proverbs 22:6.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our love story!

We went to a Valentine's banquet at our church this weekend and the story of how Austin and I met came up, so I thought I would share my favorite love story in honor of Valentine's Day...

In August 2006, I was attending a technical college about an hour and a half away from my parents home. I lived in the town where the college was during the week, but usually came home on the weekends. My parents would most usually go eat with my grandma after church and on this particular August day, my brother and his family were along also. So our whole bunch walked into Pizza Hut...

That same summer, Austin left Pennsylvania and came to Kansas to work on a harvest crew (they travel around the mid-west harvesting wheat, silage, corn and milo). The crew he worked for didn't work on Sunday's and would eat out to give the crew owner's (the man that owns the equipment and the guys work for) wife a break from cooking. So they were at Pizza Hut eating on this August day.

I remember walking into the restaurant and seeing a table full of young guys. (I was 18 at this time, so I of course noticed this) I took a look around their table seeing what all the guys looked like and then started contemplating if they were all a family or what. One of the guys caught my eye and I noticed that every time I looked at their table, he was looking at me (we were facing each other from across the restaurant). Anyway, they were there when we arrived so they finished before we did. As they got up and went to pay, I saw that he was still taking glances at me and even pointed me out to one of his friends and they were obviously talking about me (I later found out that he was consulting his friend on how old I was, he figured I was either old enough or 12!!! I do look quite young for my age). Then as they started walking out, he walked back to the table and gave something to the waitress. Then he quickly walked out of the restaurant. Then I saw that the waitress was walking towards me and she said, that guy from over there wanted me to give this to you. She handed me a napkin and when I opened it up, it simply said Austin with a phone number above it. I was dating a guy at this time, but I was realizing that the relationship wasn't what I wanted in a long term relationship. But since I was dating this other guy, it took me some time to figure out what to do. In the mean time, my sister got the number somehow and called him and "checked" him out. She would tell him that I was just about to call and would call and tell me what a great guy this was, I should call him. Well about a month after seeing each other in the restaurant, I finally decided that the guy I was dating was not what I wanted and decided to give Austin a call. The first time we talked (on the phone), we talked for 2 hours. I'm usually a shy person around new people, so this was crazy because we didn't have any awkward pauses or anything. We had many things in common, came from similar family backgrounds, and he truly sounded like an amazing guy. About 2 weeks later we decided to meet at my sister's house and he brought a friend. It wasn't really awkward, just a little weird since we had my sister, brother-in-law and Austin's friend there...kind of seemed like we were just being "watched". After our first "real" meeting, Austin would drive the 4 hours from where he was working to my parents house, very early in the morning, to make it in time to go to church with us every weekend. Then he would leave around 10 pm and drive the 4 hours back, to get up super early and work again on Monday. He did this for about a month and then he stayed with my parents for a week in the beginning of November before he moved back to Pennsylvania. I saw him over Thanksgiving and Christmas and then at the end of January, he surprised me and came out to propose to me.

By surprised, I mean really, truly surprised!!! When we were together for Christmas, I kept asking him if he was gonna ask me, but he kept saying he would ask me when I least expected it. I couldn't understand this since I was thinking that I'M ALWAYS "EXPECTING" IT!! But this particular weekend, he was supposed to be going on a ski trip with his church, he even talked to me on the phone about how they were getting ready to leave and what not. But actually, he was in air ports on his way to Kansas! It was a Friday afternoon, I had just gotten out of school for the weekend and quickly went to my apartment to get my things to go home for the weekend. When I opened my door I saw a trail of rose petals and candles leading to my coffee table with poem on it. I knew it had to be from Austin, but he was after all in Pennsylvania skiing....after a few minutes I heard a knock on the door, so I went to the door, but didn't see anyone. So then I stepped outside and there he was in a suit and tie, on his knee and holding a ring. He asked me if I would marry him and I some how muttered out a "yes"! It was the most amazing moment!!

 He was already planning to move to Kansas the beginning of February, so my parents and I went out to help him move. He bought a house and we began working on it, so that I could move in after our wedding on August 4, 2007 (just short of a year after we first saw each other).

There were so many ways that we saw God working in our lives to bring us together and as we would talk about our past, we could see how God was working to prepare us to meet each other. Now this summer we will celebrate our 5 year anniversary and I don't know where the time has gone! God has truly blessed me with such an amazing man!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Ok, I'm getting all political again. Any time that I've had a chance to get in on a discussion about the upcoming election, it gets me fired here we go again!

I'm amazed at how people seem to just take what they see and hear from the media as truth. NEWS FLASH: the media likes to twist things around and make them sound and look like what THEY want them to. (insert shocked gasps) We currently have 4 Republican candidates in the primaries. In the news media it seems as if we have 2. Yeah we hear little bits and pieces here and there about the other 2, but it is very limited. How many of us of gotten on the internet, looked at the candidates campaign web sites and done some homework?? This fall there is going to be a VERY, VERY IMPORTANT election in our country...make sure you know who, for what, and why you are voting before you go behind that little curtain.

So long ago, we had people who came to this country that believed in freedom. They believed in that freedom so much that they gave their lives for it. They believed that they and their children and grandchildren deserved the freedom to worship God when and how they wanted to. They believed in the freedom of schooling their children how they wanted to. They believed in working hard and taking responsibility for their actions. That was worth giving everything for. Now we have stood by for so long that we are losing many of these freedoms at an alarming rate. We are a "free" country, but we can't even CHOOSE if we should wear a seat belt, but at the same time it is a woman's CHOICE if she wants to keep her baby or abort it. It's sickening to me to think about how many people have died for a cause that is slowing and steadily dying. A friend of mine posted this quote from Patrick Henry on facebook the other day and I thought it was so good, but so far from where we are today..."The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government"-Patrick Henry. We no longer restrain the government, but they consistently and daily restrain us. I think that quote says so much about how we should look at and measure our government. From what I see, they aren't measuring up and we need to use this next election as a way to show them that we want them to start measuring up. We need to take back our "freedom" to restrain our government. Start listening to what the candidates are saying, read up on what they believe and stand for and make sure you are ready to make a wise and informed decision on election day.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Honoring God...

Last night on the news I saw a report of a victoria's secret model who quit because she was being convicted about honoring God and her husband with her body. Now I read a news article and watched a clip from her Good Morning America interview and she seems to be sincere, although they do show pictures of her wearing cleavage showing dresses and her modeling for victoria's secret. So what this means I don't know, but the point I'm getting at is that this is a BIG message she's presenting to the world. She had what, to people in the world, think is one of the most amazing and glamorious jobs and she says, wait I don't want to do this because what God says is more important to me. WOW! That is quite a message to put out for the whole world to see and contemplate. I hope she can become a good "role model" for people out there who have never thought about or heard of honoring God. But at any rate, this will hopefully get people to start thinking about what is going on and that girls dancing around in their underwear, maybe, just maybe isn't "normal".

I think God is trying to get a message out there, but of course, people are not wanting to accept it. At least there are a few people who can get real attention from the news and media, who are becoming willing to step out and take stand and say, this is what God says and this is what I'm going to do about it.

If you want to read the article I read and see the clip I did go to this link:

Only God know how serious she is about this, but at least it's putting a godly view of something that has become so "normal" out there, to hopefully get people talking, discussing and finding some truths.

Let me know you're she serious? Is this a good start to getting people to "wake up" to such an accepted from of dishonoring God??

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why I'm thankful for what I do

On one of the blogs I was reading this morning (Our Simple Country Life-a link is at the left of the page) she's been talking about Intentional Homemaking. I've really been thinking about this topic myself, so have greatly enjoyed her posts. Anyway, at the end of her post today she asked readers to:

"Make a list of 10 things why you’re so thankful you chose to accept God’s given roll for your life. What blessings have you incurred upon your obedience to Him?" 

So here goes! (in no particular order ~wink~)
1. I have time to take care of my home and family, how I want to.
2. I get to see EVERYTHING my son learns.
3. I'm always available when my husband needs me.
4. I have time to do "extra" for my family. (like making cookies, instead of  buying them)
5. I get to be one of the biggest influences on my child.
6. God shows me everyday how blessed I am to have the husband and son I have.
7. I don't have to worry about what my son is learning/seeing/doing at daycare (for example) while I'm not with him all day.
8. I am blessed everyday with the "little" things, of watching my son grow up right before my eyes.
9. I can devote more time to being the wife and mother God wants me to be.
10. Even though the days aren't always easy, God can always show me why it was important for me to be there for my husband and son.

Ok, so it's not the best list and it could probably change from day to day, but while I'm sitting here writing that is what I come up with.

I have been so blessed, to be a stay at home mom. I can't imagine all the things I would have missed if I had been a working mom. There are so many thing that my son learns and does daily, that I am so happy that I was right there to see happen instead of the daycare lady telling me what wonderful thing he learned today! :(  I've also been blessed to be able to help my husband out more. I can take on more of the responsibilty of paying bills, taking care of his business paperwork and such, so that he is freer to spend time as a family when he's home in the evenings. It is just amazing how God can show me everyday how blessed I am with my husband and son.

How are you blessed in your day to day life? Do you stay home and feel blessed to be able to? Let me know how much you enjoy your job of stay at home mom!

Monday, February 6, 2012

God is the center of everything and wants us to keep it that way

Yesterday during Sunday school at our church, we were discussing how God is the center of everything (or He should be). Of course this discussion got us talking about how the world, everyone around us it seems, is taking God out of everything. No prayer in schools, Ten Commandments being on a court house wall is wrong, and abortion has caused a whole new meaning to murder. We often say that these things are wrong and strongly show our disgust around our friends and church family. But when are we going to start really standing up for ourselves?? It appears Christians are losing rights everyday, but how often do we really DO something about it? Talking about it and saying what needs to be done is fine and great, but at some point we need to stand up for what is right.

This has really been on my heart lately...I guess the election is really stirring this up in my heart. We need to choose a president that will lead our nation in a direction that is closer to what our founding fathers intended. A president that will stop the ridiculous spending and instead of leaving a insurmountable amount of debt to our children and grandchildren, leave them a country where they are truly free and can live a life serving God without having small freedoms ripped away from them at every turn.

Now I'm struggling with HOW do I stand up for what I believe in? I suppose I should write my state leaders about what I think of the job their doing. Or support groups that are trying to make it manditory to have an ultrasound before someone can have an abortion. Things like that, but still I don't feel like I would be doing enough....I really want to do something, but am at a loss as to where to start.

Anyone have any ideas? Any thoughts? Please let me know, I'd love to hear them!!!

Oh, and please, take this next election seriously. I feel as if this is one of the most important elections, our country will face. It will determine what direction our country will go. So please, start doing your homework on the candidates and be able to make an informed decision come November. And join me in asking God to guide the election in the way He would have it to go.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's be Courageous!

So I know everyone says this, but if you haven't watched Courageous the movie, you should! We hadn't watched it in theaters and then we added it to our netflix, but it had a "long wait" on it and  then I ended up winning the movie from our local Christian radio station. So anyway, we watched it last night. It was GREAT! It is aimed more at fathers, but it really made me think of what my "job" is as a mother too. Parents have such an important job. It says in the movie that what fathers (I say this works for both parents) teach their children will affect many/all generations. Isn't that so true? What we are teaching are children is likely what they will teach their children (or will greatly influence HOW they teach their children). We have a great responsibility and we should view it as such.

*movie spoiler*
I loved the part of the movie where Nathan takes his daughter out on a date and explains how he wants to protect her and when the right man comes along, he will give her his blessing. He then proceeds to give her a ring to where on her left hand until it is replaced by her wedding ring. (purity ring?-they didn't even refer to that but I'm sure that's what it was to represent) I turned to Austin and said, "You have to do that with our daughter" (if God gives us one, one day that is~wink~) and he said "I knew you were gonna say that". Anyway, I think that is an absolute MUST for dad's to do with their daughters. I believe it would make the commitment so REAL to the daughter!

Austin also mentioned how it is really important for young boys to hear their father tell them that they are a man. (I never having experienced this, really didn't know how important that was) So therefore, I also believe it is very important for fathers to show and teach their boys how to become good, wise men and then when they have reached the point of becoming a real man, telling him so.

There are so many good points to this movie I can't even begin to cover them all, but I think it's one that I will watch and watch again. Because it really points out how important it is to take the job of parent (father) seriously and teach our children how to live for God and take responsibility for their actions.

So if you get nothing else from this post---go watch Courageous.....NOW! :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What is affecting you??

A couple of nights ago, I was trying to start a fire in our wood stove when my husband got home from work. He walked into the kitchen calling out hello to me and talking to Pumpkin, when he looked into the living room and saw me kneeling next to the wood stove. He asked me if I was trying to start a fire and I said yes. He thought about it a minute and said something to the effect of, see how marrying me has affected you. I wasn't exactly sure what he meant by that and so I asked him. He said that when we got married I didn't even know how to work the wood stove, let alone start a fire in it. Which is true, I had absolutely no idea what to do with a wood stove and I never dreamed there was such an "art" to getting a fire to burn in there! But here I am, starting my own fire and able to make adjustments with the "flue" and "damper" (ok, I'm still not sure which is which, I normally just refer to them as the lever sticking out the front or the one on the chimney). What he said though is so true! We are affected by our spouses, our friends, our kids, even the cashier in the checkout line. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse. If our kids are in a bad mood, don't we often tend to be more harsh with them? If the person scanning our groceries isn't in the cheeriest mood, don't we tend to become sour about the way they "treated" us? We really have to watch how we let other people affect us and our mood. We need to realize that we are children of God and that we have no reason to be harsh and bitter to others. In fact, we have every reason to be happy and joyful no matter what! (this is being said to me, just as much as anyone else...I've had a trying situation lately that has really been getting me down. I so need to work on this!) I feel very blessed on a day to day basis and am generally very content with my little family, in our little house, with all the things that we need (and some wants too). But sometimes when I see that friend of mine that just got a new car, I might start to feel like I'm missing out. I'm letting my friend affect how content I am with what I have.

To sum it up, we need to be sure that we realize that God is in control and remember that we need to be affected by what He did for us, not what our friends are doing or what the tv and media are telling us.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Being a Mother

Ok, today's post is likely to be random ramblings of mine, but this is just whats on my mind...I received a shipment of diapers today! (we live like 25 miles from ANY town so I order my diapers in BIG BIG boxes, it's just simplier and easier for me) Anyway, I always (and I do mean always) get excited when the diapers arrive. This seems weird doesn't it? Before I had a child, having a big box of diapers delivered to my door, or even the thought of it, would have not been the least bit exciting to me. And yes, I would have found the thought of it being exciting just plain WEIRD. So this brings me to my point, being a Mother changes you. Ok, I now that's not earth shattering news, but come on...even the simple everyday accomplishments of little Pumpkin going potty is super duper exciting (does this tell you what stage we are at at the moment???) I know when you're pregnant with your first child, EVERYONE tells you how different your life will be and how much it changes you, but seriously did you ever think about how exciting getting diapers at your door would be?? (ok, so not all of you share that excitment with me...) It's amazing how God can take a little tiny person and change you so much through that tiny person. I always enjoyed childrens laughter, but hearing my little man's laugh can turn my day around. His tiny little arms around my neck, giving me a hug can make me smile through the tears. Children are such precious gifts. They may be difficult at times, but they are so worth all the hair-pulling moments. I've never had better Friday nights than when I'm sitting on the couch watching my husband sneak around the house "scaring" Pumpkin, while he runs around laughing hysterically waiting to be "scared".  We just have to hold on to our precious little ones and remember the true gifts that they are, even when the bad moments happen and we don't know how we'll make it through the day. Just remember that it's all part of Being a Mother.

Here is a blog that I have really enjoyed reading and while this post is on a bit of a different note, it still fits in and I am so encouraged by it....take a look here <a href="" target="_blank