Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hiding the word in your heart

"I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119:11

We all know it is good to memorize scripture, but if you're like me, you haven't done so well with it. I was home schooled and we had a Bible class everyday. Part of that class was memorizing whole passages of scripture for tests/quizzes. I did it, but I struggled with it. Now I have a child of my own and I want to teach him Bible verses. About 2-3 weeks ago, we started working on Joshua 24:15. We didn't work super hard on it, but a few mornings a week we'd go over it. Well, he's to the point now that he can start the verse by himself and tell me most words (the main one's anyway) without me helping him. He can even tell me the reference! (in his little voice that can't pronounce all the words right! *I melt*) Like I said, we didn't work super hard on it and it's been around 2ish weeks. He is TWO years does this make me feel?? (I feel good that I now know Joshua 24:15 *wink*) Not so good that my 2 year old can pretty well have the basics down with such a small amount of time invested and I have such a hard time memorizing something that would be a little more my age level! I'm certain that if we had worked on it harder and more consistently, he would have learned it a lot sooner. So why is it so hard for me??? This is making me think about how I need to be working on memorizing God's word. I need to hide it in my heart! So let's take a lesson from a two year old and get to hiding those special words in our hearts!

*applause for those of you that do better than I do!*

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