Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Outlet Malls-LOVE

I think I'm ready to jump back in and get to blogging on a daily basis again...or at least every other day. As I mentioned last week, we went on a family trip with (some of) my family this past weekend. We went to a ski resort and some of us snowboarded while others skied. The girls went shopping on Sunday afternoon, we couldn't resist,  they were outlet stores after all!  So I thought I'd show you some of my DEALS! Like I said, they were outlet stores, so they typically have good prices. Of course some things that weren't on sale were still priced higher than I would want to pay, but I kept my eye out for good prices and came home with some good stuff! I'm pretty excited!

Ok, so this is what I got at Aeropostale. The yellow shirt was originally $12.00, but was on sale for $7.99. The gray cardigan was originally $44.50, but on sale for $15.00. The pants were originally $39.50, but were on sale for $12.00. Then not pictured, my mom bought a pair of pants that were the same price and a shirt that was the same price as my yellow shirt, because I had a coupon for $10.00 of a purchase of $50.00 and I was just short of $50, so we just paid for our stuff together. After sales and the coupon we paid $48.48. Before sales and the coupon, we would have paid $94.50!!! Not too bad...almost 50% savings!!! YIPEE!

I bought this shirt at the Nike store. The original price was $20.00, but it was on sale for $4.97. With tax, I ended up paying $5.36. I saved $14.64!!! WOOHOO!!!

Here is what I got at OshKosh for little Pumpkin. Now I thought my receipt had what I saved on it, but it doesn't and I already threw the tags away to put these in the wash, but I know this was not an amazing deal. I splurged because the cute little PJ's my Mom found and they just had to become Pumpkin's. The button up shirt, I wanted to get for Easter, I think was around $20.00 and it was on sale for $12.00. The PJ's, I cannot remember how much they were originally, but they were on sale and I paid $15.00. Like I said, not the best deal and I did pay more than I normally would for the PJ's, but when I show you an up close picture, I think you'll understand! (I love to save money and try to do so all the time, but I do splurge once in awhile too, it's one of my downfalls *wink*)

To some this may not look like anything worth "splurging" on, but Austin got his pilots license last year and now Pumpkin is "Daddy's little co-pilot" so this just fit! ;) My Mom saw it and said that Pumpkin "needed" it and well I guess I agreed! Isn't it just TOO CUTE?!?

This is what my sister saw as we were getting ready to leave Gap, I couldn't resist once I saw it was on 70% off sale! It was originally priced at $44.99 and I bought it for $13.50, plus tax it was $14.55! I saved $30.44!!! KA-CHING!!!!

I LOVE saving money!!!! Like I said, sometimes I DO splurge (only if I don't feel it's TOO OVERPRICED) and sometimes if there is something we really need and it's not on sale, I will pay full price. That just happens sometimes. But I do try to save money whenever I can, so that when I do feel like splurging or when we do need something that's not on sale, it isn't quite as big of a deal! Hope you enjoyed a look at my savings, if you have access to an outlet mall or vacation near one sometime, be sure to go! It is worth it!!!

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