Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Savings on clothing!!!

Well, today I'm showing you some of my recent purchases that I am SO excited about. First of all is this Silver brand jean jacket and Born brand shoes.
When I was in high school Silver jeans were my absolute favorite jeans, but they were EXPENSIVE and I've seen this jacket for sale for like $90-$100. I bought it from a lady on a local site that said she had only worn it a couple of times and I believe it, because I would never know it wasn't new! I paid $25 for it! WOOHOO for saving money!!! Even at the lowest original price that is a savings of $65!!!
The shoes are Born brand which I had never heard of. I decided I needed a pair of casual shoes for winter that weren't cowboy boots or dressy boots so I went on EBay to search for the "perfect" shoes. I saw several different types of Born shoes and liked them so looked them up online and they appear to sell anywhere from $65-$90 new. These said they had a small chew mark in their description, but I never did find it in the pictures and when they came in the mail it took me a while to find it then too. (I've decided if it took me that long to find it when I was looking for it, no one will notice it when their on me feet!) They also look new, except for the small chew mark and I paid like $9.38 for them! Again, at the lowest original price, that is a savings of $55.62!  Did I mention I LOVE saving money!

I have been holding out on getting a couple of plain long sleeved shirts for this winter, trying to find the best price. These two shirts were for sale at a local store and were priced at $9.99, which is not a bad price for a shirt. This store is going out of business though and has been marking down there prices more and more the past few weeks, so I kept waiting. Well last week while I was in the store looking at them, one of the employees told me that they were getting ready to change the sign because they were now 30% off. That made them $6.99 each! I decided it was time to buy them! A savings of $6.00 total! Then I've also been wanting to add a scarf or two to my wardrobe because they are so nice to add to an outfit, but I refuse to pay $10-$12 for a strip of cloth! This scarf was originally $12 and it was marked down to $5.00, but was also 30% off. So that made the end price $3.50!! That is a price I'm willing to pay for a strip of cloth!!!! Savings of $8.50!
My savings on ALL of these purchases were $171.62!!!
This goes to show that you can get next to new items for a fraction of the cost if you just keep your eyes open. I bet if I hadn't told you the jacket and shoes were used,  you would have NEVER known! Also, if you are a smart shopper, you can get new items at a fraction of the cost also...why pay full price!?!
I'd love to hear some of YOUR money saving stories...leave me a comment!


  1. YAY for saving money!!! That is exciting:) Those are some very cute clothes! I know how challenging that can be, especially on a one-income budget.

    Unfortunately I don't have any recent money-saving stories but I am a big fan of coupons for groceries!

    And P.S. Thanks so much for your prayers:)

  2. I've always been a saver, but since being married and now a stay at home mom, it has become even more important!

    Coupons! I LOVE coupons...I actually just clipped a bunch yesterday!

    (you are more than welcome and thank YOU too!)