Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To wash or not to wash?

So this is a little bit of a different post, but I would LOVE some input! I've read and been told that it's best to not wash your hair EVERYday...well, I am an absolute clean FREAK so the idea of NOT washing my hair EVERYDAY freaks me out! But ever since my son was born, my hair has been thinner and just not as healthy so I'm considering trying to only wash it every other day (unless I find myself in a really sweaty/dusty/or other dirty, dirty situation).
SO the input I'm looking for is...do you wash your hair EVERYDAY? And if you don't is there good ways to keep your hair looking/feeling clean even if you don't wash it? I've found a recipe for diy dry shampoo on pinterest that I thought might be helpful and also have found a diy recipe for leave-in conditioner which I just thought might help with the health of my hair.
So speak up any and all thoughts are welcome!


  1. Hmm. Before having my son I was an 'everyday washer' too. But I have to say I've adopted the 'Mommy ponytail' and go a day to two between washings now (bathing everyday but just skipping my hair). My hair seems to be a lot less oily and has adjusted to this new regimine. I don't have anything I use in between though - I just let it be. Good luck with whatever you decide!

    1. Well, it's good to know that your hair has adjusted well;) that's just what I needed to hear...I'm so concerned that my hair will just be a gross mess! haha! Thanks for the input!!