Saturday, May 25, 2013

Letting God Lead

It's crazy when you realize that God will lead you right where you need to go, even if you never intended to end up where you are.
As I've said before, my husband and I have always wanted to adopt. Last summer, we started looking into adoption options and we have ended up in an entirely different place than I ever expected. I had never, ever considered foster care. Honestly, I always thought it was nice, but crazy and that only kind of "different" people did foster care. I mean you would have to be a little "different" to be able to do all that right? Well, people, if that is the case call me "different"! We are foster parents to two great little girls.
When we started looking into adoption, the first agency dealt with mostly older children and since we have a 3 year old, we didn't want older children so we then looked into infant adoption. For whatever reason, that didn't feel like the route for us, so then a friend said something about foster to adopt. After looking into it a little bit, we decided that that sounded like the route for us. We signed up for the classes we needed in order to get licensed and jumped through all the hoops and this spring became licensed. Through out it all, my husband started talking like he'd like to do some strictly foster care, I on the other hand wasn't so sure...I set out to adopt remember? Then one day we got a call to take a couple little girls. I said I'd talk to my husband and get back to them, but I already knew we had to say yes. How could we turn them away??
There have been some adjustments, but being parents to three is not that hard and it has been great. I know we can make a difference in their lives, no matter how small it may be and I'm excited for that!
We have also done respite for 3 other kids. After having had 5 different children in our home, I've realized that all they need is love, care and structure. I had been worried that I'd need to have some special training to help them get through whatever they've had to deal with. But you know what? They are just kids. Just like my son. Kids that need the same basic things my little boy needs.
You don't have to be some super hero type that is a therapist, counselor and shrink all rolled into one. You just need to have plenty of time to listen, give hugs and treat them like the sweet little people that they are.
Even a month ago, I wasn't sure about this whole foster parent thing, but God said trust Me and you know what? He's guiding us through everyday. Every circumstance. And He's taking us right where we need to go, even though I'm still not sure where that is.
This past year has been one of the hardest and most emotional times in my life, but God has been in control the entire time. When trust Him to do His will, is when things turn out the best anyway, so let's hang on for this crazy ride. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

From 1 to 6 to 3, all in about 3 days!

So, I'm a little ashamed that I haven't posted in so long, but the good news is we have two adorable and wonderful little girls with us!
They are foster daughters and so far the experience could not have been better. They almost immediately (at least in my mind) bonded to us and have fit right into our family from the first evening. Pumpkin and the oldest girl are the same age, so that does not help the arguing/fighting/not wanting to share thing one bit, but yet at the same time, they will play wonderfully together and even called each other their best friend.
The other little girl is just shy of a year and is the sweetest. She is super smiley and is a very content little girl.
We have been so blessed by the prayers of family and friends and also so many generous donations of clothes, toys, shoes and books. (only having had a boy for 3 years, did not give us much of a girl toy collection...haha)
We got a call to do respite for the weekend for 3 siblings. Then the next day we got a call to take the placement of the girls. We just couldn't say no, so that meant that for one night we had SIX kids under our roof (and if you had any idea how big our roof was, that is actually quite a lot of kids for our roof). Having 3 kids has proven to not be too hard. It's just been an adjustment of not spending our time the way we used to, not getting all the one on one time with Pumpkin and I feel for that little man so much because his world was turned upside down. He instantly had to share his home, his toys, his Mommy and Daddy and some even some rules had to change. (due to there being girls in the house and some things we have to being in compliance or agreement with as foster parents). But he has been a champ! I love that boy so much and tell him that every chance I get!
I'll try not to be a stranger, but I make no promises. Although having 3 kids has not been that hard; I still find that extra time is not abounding!