Friday, July 26, 2013


I am SO excited!
Our son is 3 and will be 4 in December. I have no need to send my son to preschool and we have a desire to homeschool our son, so I have been wanting to take this year and do a little "preschool" if you will just to get Mommy and little Pumpkin into a routine so that it's not such a shock once we do need to start a structured schooling routine.
The other day on, she had a post about God's Little Explorer's Preschool Curriculum and their having a "sale" of sorts with a coupon code.
I had never heard of this curriculum before, but I went to and checked it out and it looked like a great way to get on a little routine, learn about God, and learn some preschool stuff all at the same time. A big plus for me was that there was daily lesson plans with some activity ideas to add on if I want to. A big plus for little Pumpkin is that the little papers are totally cute!
We have not started to use this yet, I literally just bought and downloaded it tonight. It was just so stinking cute and it appears to be exactly what I was looking for.
I simply wanted something that wasn't too expensive, something that had a lesson plan that kind of just set it all out for me and that told me what to do when and what goes together.
It originally costs $14 which is not too expensive in my books first off, but right now with the code you can get it for $10 until August 5th, I believe.
So if your looking for something cute and fun to do with your preschooler, I recommend you go check it out. There are also free pintable's at, but you don't get the lesson plans and such to go along with it. 

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