Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trying Again

I have a confession.
I haven't been doing a very good job of making sure I get the best deal on the things we need.
For a while I was doing great with the whole couponing thing, but I completely fell off that bandwagon. I don't know if I was burned out or just felt like I didn't  have the time. We had two foster daughters for a year (ages 1 and 4) plus our four year old son. I think that was a good excuse for me to think I couldn't fit in going to look for coupons at our recycling center and clipping them. In all honestly, I could have done it, but it was easier not too.
Well, fast forward to now.
We are no longer doing foster care, we just had our sweet baby boy a month ago and I'm realizing I need to and could be doing better with saving money on groceries especially.
Part of the groceries costing more is out of my hands. Our small town (which is the closest at 25 miles away and think mom and pop, not Wal-Mart type of stores) went from two grocery stores to one. When this happened I was so, so afraid that the prices would take a hike. And while I can't quite notice the hike when walking down the aisles picking up my items, when I get to the checkout and pay $40.00 no matter if I'm buying a weeks worth of groceries or just stocking up on a few sale items, I realized that somewhere the prices must of gone up.
So my plan, which I've said I should do for at least a year now, is to make one big grocery shopping trip a month to the bigger town an hour away.
Here I can go to Wal-Mart, Sam's and Dillon's just to name the main grocery type stores. If I can figure out just what we need to get through a month, with pantry and freezer safe items, then I can go to our smaller town grocery store just for fresh items that won't keep for a month and in the end save a bunch of money.
At Sam's I can't use coupons, but if I pick and choose what I get there, just buying things in bulk can save me a ton! At Wal-Mart and Dillon's I can use coupons and often times, Wal-Mart just has great prices, especially if you get the store brand (coupons can't be used on the store brand, but most of the time, the price is about the same as getting the brand name and using a coupon). It will take a little work to figure out what we need for a whole month and to figure out when to use coupons on the brand name items and when to just buy the store brand, but I think I can figure this out and cut our grocery bill way back!
So I'm telling you all of my plan, so that hopefully I will stick to it and actually do it this time!
Here's to saving money!!

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