Thursday, November 6, 2014

Once a Month Grocery Shopping 1

Well, today I did my first once a month grocery shopping trip!!
I didn't come home with quite as much stuff as I imagined, but that has somewhat to do with the fact that I had sort of stocked up last month for the hunters we had come at the end of last month. Anyway, I had a fair amount of stuff left over from that. Also, I didn't need to buy any meat because we still have some beef from a cow we bought a while back and deer meat from the deer my husband shot last year. I also still have some chicken I got on sale a while ago and some from Sam's that is a good deal.
There were several items in the pantry that I needed for meals this month that I already had from before. So all in all, I already had quite a bit of stuff. To off set that though I did need some odds and ends for the house, such as laundry detergent, toilet paper, some other paper goods and things like that.
So here is the picture of my major grocery stock up for the month!
Not pictured are 5 more gallons of milk and 4 loaves of bread, they had all already found their way into the freezer as soon as we got home.
In case you are wondering how on earth we drink 6 gallons of milk before it goes bad, we don't. I always freeze milk anyway, since I never know if I will be going to town when we need it or not.
Now for the grand total for this shopping trip: $191.68. I shopped at Sam's for the milk, laundry detergent, cheerios, flour, noodles, mozzarella cheese and granola bars.
I got everything else at Wal-Mart.
That comes out to $47.92 a week for groceries for this month. Now I will probably run into a few things I will still need along the way, but this realistically should mostly get us through the month!
I forgot to mention, we have been eating a lot of potatoes, since we still have a BUNCH from our garden and I still have corn that we froze from our garden and some other frozen vegetables that I had gotten for the above mentioned hunters.
Other months might not come out quite as cheaply since I had quite a bit of stuff on hand already, but I'm excited to see how this comes out.
I did have 5 coupons that I used at Wal-Mart, but I think they were all worth $.50 so that was not a huge savings, but worth it all the same. 
So here is to seeing how the once a month grocery shopping works out for us!!! 

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