Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grocery Savings!!

Our local grocery store had great sales going on this week, so even though I've already done my once a month grocery shopping trip, I took advantage of some of the great deals.
I ended up paying $95.53 for everything I bought and since my day got crazy and I was doing good just to get all of it put away, let alone get a picture of it all, I'm just going to type out what all I got.
1 box of Kleenex-.75
18 count eggs-2.33
3 gallons milk-2.98 each
5 bags of frozen peas-1.00 each
3 containers of whipped topping-1.00 each
2 jars of applesauce-1.76 (I thought this would be great for when Sweetie Pie starts eating foods in the next couple of months)
sandwich bags-1.06
Folgers coffee-8.99
4 boxes of Cheerios-2.50 each
2 ketchup's-1.00 each
2 boxes of oatmeal packets-2.09 each
3 boxes of Life-2.09 each
1 box of Kix-2.00
coffee creamer-4.12
2 big boxes cherry jello-1.40 each
1 box lasagna noodles-2.28
4 boxes vanilla pudding mix-.88 each
around 16 lbs. of chicken thighs-17.35 total (it was 1.00 a pound!!)
Some of these items were not on sale, but were things we needed so I bought them anyway, but most of them were sale items that I was stocking up on because they were such a good deal!
And to top it all off, our local grocery store has a gas card reward program with our local CO-OP and I bought gas for $1.61 a gallon!!!! Woo-hoo!!!
Nothing like a great day of SAVINGS!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Great Time-Saving tip for Sam's shoppers!

So I did my once a month shopping trip last week (yes, it was in the middle of the month and yes, we had been out of milk for almost 4 days...crisis in our house!) Anyway, I need to go into more detail how doing the bulk of our grocery shopping, once a month is working out for us. That shall be for another day, though.
Back to this trip. We got our Sam's savings book in the mail a few weeks ago and before I went shopping I was looking through it to see if any of the deal were on things we needed. While looking in there I saw they had this thing called Club Pick-up. I remembered that a friend from church said that she had used it when picking up a business order and kind of explained how it worked. From her story, I just kind of assumed this was only something they did with business memberships, but from the booklet it looked like it didn't matter-if you had a membership, you could do it. I was intrigued and decided to try it. You have to go online to their website, create an account and then pick your store. Then you simply create a shopping list (which they will save for you for future orders) and put the items in your cart. At the end you can choose to pay online or at pickup. You also choose a time and day to pickup. I ended up not being able to go the day I choose, but they say they keep the order for two days after your pickup date, so it was not a problem. When I got there I simply gave them my name and they went to get my things. My husband had ended up needing something that I had not put on my order and they had no problem with me going to get it and adding it to my total. So they brought out the cart filled with my items, I paid and was on my way to fill up my car with my goodies! It did take a bit longer for them to bring my items than I expected, but it was still probably within the 10 minute range. So much better than dragging my baby, in his car seat and my 5 year old the whole way through the store with that HUGE cart and all the HUGE items! (I am only 5'3 and a tiny little gal after all)
I completely recommend the  Club Pick-up if you know what items you need and have a day in advance to put your order in. It's just so stinking handy!!!