Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grocery Savings!!

Our local grocery store had great sales going on this week, so even though I've already done my once a month grocery shopping trip, I took advantage of some of the great deals.
I ended up paying $95.53 for everything I bought and since my day got crazy and I was doing good just to get all of it put away, let alone get a picture of it all, I'm just going to type out what all I got.
1 box of Kleenex-.75
18 count eggs-2.33
3 gallons milk-2.98 each
5 bags of frozen peas-1.00 each
3 containers of whipped topping-1.00 each
2 jars of applesauce-1.76 (I thought this would be great for when Sweetie Pie starts eating foods in the next couple of months)
sandwich bags-1.06
Folgers coffee-8.99
4 boxes of Cheerios-2.50 each
2 ketchup's-1.00 each
2 boxes of oatmeal packets-2.09 each
3 boxes of Life-2.09 each
1 box of Kix-2.00
coffee creamer-4.12
2 big boxes cherry jello-1.40 each
1 box lasagna noodles-2.28
4 boxes vanilla pudding mix-.88 each
around 16 lbs. of chicken thighs-17.35 total (it was 1.00 a pound!!)
Some of these items were not on sale, but were things we needed so I bought them anyway, but most of them were sale items that I was stocking up on because they were such a good deal!
And to top it all off, our local grocery store has a gas card reward program with our local CO-OP and I bought gas for $1.61 a gallon!!!! Woo-hoo!!!
Nothing like a great day of SAVINGS!!!

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